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Note : Times are an estimate depending on the amount of time you spend at each activity. Confirm
with your guide on the day.

05:00am Pick up at your hotel in Pattaya for Kanchanaburi. Scenic drive througn towns
small villages paddy fields sugar plantations and Thai people going about their daily business.

07:00am Arrive at Kanchanaburi Market to buy breakfast for the monks who take care of the Tigers and
other animals at the Tiger Temple. Approximately 300 Baht per person.

07:30am Arrive at Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua known throughout the World as the Tiger Temple, a rescue for
tigers and other wild animals. Here you will give alums to and have breakfast with the monks who run the
temple, topped off with some friendly conversation and a morning prayer to start your day. 
(Take as many photos as you like no extra chargers)
08:00am Now you get to have hands on experience in the training of the tiger cubs. You will get to teach 
them to respond to simple commands as well as sneak in a few cuddles.

09:00am Walk the tigers down to the canyon for their morning exercise, a great experience to watch as
well as participate in.

10:00am Experience a rare opportunity to bottle feed tiger cubs.
11:00am Return to wish the Monks farewell & leave the temple before the massive tourist groups arrive
11:30am Next to Lunch at Thai Restaurant.
12:00am Lunch at Local Thai Restaurant.
01:00pm Leave for Elephant Camp : Enjoy Swimming Bathing and jungle river trekking with elephants for
700 Baht each. Or Elephants Riding (Free). River Rafting 350 Baht each, Train Ride 150 Baht each, 
Erwan Waterfall Or Hellfire Pass & Museum NO time for Both
600 Baht each.
02:30pm If there is enough time you can feed Wild Monkeys, Visit Kasae Cave (now known as Buddha 
Cave) and View Railway Trestle Bridge clinging to cliff Face or just choose your preferred tour to fit your
schedule. New Zip line tree top adventures 20 platforms 1,700 Baht each. (Time allowing check with
your guide on the day)

03:30pm  Go back to Kanchanaburi to walk over the Death Railway Bridge.
04:30pm  Leave Kanchanaburi Province for Pattaya.

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Warning Tips Do not wear red/orange colour clothes. Ladies should have minimum three quarter 
sleeves and shorts to the knee for the temple. No loud noises or sudden movements or running. Many
Temples in Thailand are called Tiger Temple This Temple is not called Tiger Temple,

It can be hot our there! Thailand is very hot. Please bring plenty of bottled water, sun screen etc. Don’t
forget to bring a cap, towel, sun glasses, energy drinks, painkillers etc. Take special care of camera
equipment make sure battery is full charged. It’s easy to trip and drop a camera. Always keep back up SD cards and back up your photos. 


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