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Start City Hua Hin
Duration Full Day
Start Time 08:30 am

Nongnooch Gardens Full Day

Trip Description : Visit this beautiful recreational park in typical Thai settings, dotted with colourful flowers and plants.

Visit Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, an attractive tourist spot in Chonburi that features botanical gardens, zoo and Thai Cultural Center with impressive shows.

The vast area of the recreational park includes two lakes, bonsai trees, cactus, palm trees and bromeliad gardens, a hothouse for orchids and ferns and a showcase of such animals as tigers, elephants, chimpanzees or parrots.

The beautiful landscape is also the location of the Thai Cultural Center, presenting groups of traditional Thai houses and cultural shows such as martial arts (muay Thai), hill tribe music and dance as well as a Thai wedding ceremony, a Buddhist ordination ceremony as well as elephant show, performing three times a day.

A collection of Thai antiques is also exhibited at this tropical garden, where visitors can taste traditional Thai food. Souvenirs and handicrafts from all over the kingdom and can be purchased at the garden’s shopping mall.

The lively and beautiful performances are produced and directed by Miss Nongluck Thephasdin Na Ayudhaya.

Cultural Performances

  1. The four regions dance
  2. Thai boxing
  3. Fight with long-stick against shot-sticks
  4. Tep-narue-mit Dance
  5. Drums festivities
  6. E-Sarn dance medley
  7. Elephant in battle
  8. Finalle Dance

Amazing Elephant Shows

  1. Elephants March
  2. Elephants throwing dart
  3. Elephant ride on the tricycle
  4. Elephants painting
  5. A Elephant carry people
  6. Elephants play football
  7. Elephants play basket ball
  8. Elephants gymnastics
  9. Elephants bowing
  10. Elephants walk over people
  11. Elephants giving massage
  12. Elephants dancing disco

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